Automatic Excel and Graphics Exporter with Web/FTP Uploader

Here you can see the software module in use: Current weather data of the UNIKLIMA weather station TOSS GmbH Potsdam

  • automatic generation of meteorological data, e.g. hour means, daily averages or current values, in form of a text file, which can be read with MS Excel
  • graphic and numeric display of various climatic data series as image file for the integration into an own Web presence
  • the files generated after each retrieving of data are automatically uploaded on a Web server (by FTP)
     Ordner number
  • 30700

The module Automatic Excel and Graphics Exporter with Web/FTP Uploader generates files from the meteorological data retrieved by UK_TOSS. Therefore this module can be used in connection with UK_TOSS standard only.

Up to seven image files with numeric and graphic diagrams of the current weather data can be exported. These are the numeric representation of the main window and up to six graphic diagrams. Three diagrams each for the flexible measure value memory and the daily averages can be generated and exported. At the most seven sensors are selectable for each of these diagrams.

The automatic Excel export outputs meteorological data in a MS Excel conformal text format. The period of time to be exported can be selected freely, either by specification of a starting and ending time or by the specification of a number of days which are to be exported automatically backdated to the current time. The kind of the source data (e.g. flexible measure value memory or daily averages) as well as the sensors to be exported are freely selectable.

The export files can be stored in a local directory or they can be uploaded on a server by FTP. For the FTP upload the server, user name, password and the remote directory must be specified.

The Excel and graphics export is applicable to each automatic UNIKLIMA weather station that is administered by the standard software UK_TOSS.


     System requirements
Software UK_TOSS executably installed on PC

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