Instrument making

You have a task or an idea and you are looking for a technological-technically oriented and competent partner for their realization and best under the same roof, since you do not want to get into troubles with a lot of different companies and coordination and timing problems connected with it.

We develop customized and, if desired, high-safety-relevant process controls and adapted microcomputer cores for the most different areas of application of process automation and "intelligent measuring technique", such  with complex data preprocessing and integration into your recent system. 

We are active in the most different areas and branches of  industry and applied research, up to  agriculture, forestry and the environmental area.

  • Planning - project engineering - feasibility study

  • Construction, mechanic and electronics development - circuit development - layout development

  • process-connected programming and PC-relevant user software (MS Windows)

  • Prototype manufacturing - acceptance trial - serial production

  • starting - maintenance - documentation - service of our products

With us, cooperation does not end with the sales of the measuring/control technique and the archiving of the data. Those is offered  by many other qualified companies. To see what you can expect from us, we refer to the reference of a well-known Berlin institute (HMI) and to some examples as follows:

     Examples for solutions in scientific and customized construction of special devices
     Go and see for yourself!

  Self-sufficient safety facility ASE_1

  Impulse counter for gas measuring instruments IZG1

  Drying irradiation device at the edge of reflector of the BERII TBR

  Automatic quartz glass-melting facility VBQ 20

  Sample transport equipment PTE_1

  Machine for the cleaning of quartz glass ampoules RAQ 10  

  RFID measuring place

  Hand RFID-Reader



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